Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd. has been aiming to be a valued company having a bright view toward the future for the people of all around the world.
We are constantly challenging to the mobile and electricity/electronic solutions, striving for the further developments and establishing to be a number one in the following three fields:
No.1 as 24V automotive electrical component (starter, alternator) industry
No.1 as alternator component for the all-purpose engine generator industry
No.1 as mobile use refrigerator industry
  Sawafuji's aim is to be a truly global company by using SEC's principles of: “producing quality products, “honesty, “integrity in all our business dealings, and respect for all participants in this industry, through attaching great importance to the quality, performance of our products with our motto of “SEC’s joy to produce, customer’s joy at reliability, and customer’s joy at using SEC products.